Father Knows Best

I never really watched this show but I sure do like the title.

My son has a friend who happens to be a girl. He assures me that there is nothing more between them.

Last night, he informed me when I got home that he was going to go the the movies with her and a few friends.

It just so happened that my wife and my youngest daughter wanted to go to the movies also. You can imagine my (really our) surprise when my son started to wriggle like an earthworm on the sidewalk when I suggested that he take them with him!

He kept a great attitude but it was very obvious that the idea was quite a bit below his dream scenario. The more he protested and pleaded, the more delightful the idea became. Finally, I made the decree: if he was going to the movies, he had to take his mother and sister!

Now, just between you and me, I did it just because it was fun to see him squirm. It was really a precious moment. But, as is so often the case, God was secretly at work behind the scenes.

When he went to pick up the girl and their friends, he learned that one of the friends was sick and the other had to study for a test. That meant that it would have been just him and her…

on a DATE!!!

Thankfully, I had already taken the necessary precautions to protect the two of them from any uncomfortable (or should I say too comfortable) situations.

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