How can you forget?

If you have been reading for awhile, you know that I have been making a prolonged effort to get in shape (click the exercise tag if you are interested). I had been saying for years that after I finished remodeling the house, I would get to work rebuilding my body.

I made fairly good progress last year. However, the snow is melting and it is time to get outside again.

I knew that if I just resumed jogging three times per week, I would grow bored. I needed to do something a little more challenging, something that would bring new vitality to my legs. So, I decided to break in my brand new running shoes by “sprinting.”

I put that in quotes lest I mislead you. I should say by running faster than I usually do for a really short distance. It cannot be called fast by any stretch of the imagination.

My first sprint” went pretty well. By that, I mean that I made it to the finish line without stopping. The second one went a little less well.

By the fourth sprint, it felt like I had forgotten how to run. I’m not kidding. I was down to making sure that I took the next step correctly to keep from falling down!

A large part of my insecurity was caused by what was happening to my legs. My hamstrings were twanging like old guitar strings. My thigh muscles felt like they were starting to pop off of my bone. Really! That thought sincerely crossed my mind. With all of this going on, the next step became a challenge.

I have to tell you that it shook me a little. How do you forget how to run?

By not doing it for a long, long time!

Some of you might ask, why am I doing this? It sure isn’t to impress anyone. My wife is happy with me as I am. In fact, it gets me teased more often than not at work.

Some one said that exercise won’t add years to your life but it will add life to your years. I want to LIVE until I die. (LOL) “I want to be runnin’ (not literally) when the sand runs out.”

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