It’s better outside the box

Wild Bill threw a shoe recently. When we (really my wife and kids) have had to use the truck, we have been driving on a spare.

My son, always trying to be helpful, went out of his way on several occasions to point out that two of the remaining three tires don’t look all that hot. He went so far as to actually get a price for a set of four new tires.

“Dad, we can get four new tires mounted and balanced for $300. Do you want to do it?”

How could I refuse? It is so-o-o-o much cheaper than the $800 whitewall tires he was pleading with me to buy just a few weeks earlier!

As you probably know, I have tried to move Wild Bill onto a different pasture on several occasions. However, finding a buyer for my faithful old steed has proved to be more difficult than I first imagined. So, when the tire blew, the last thing that I want to do is spend $80-100 on a vehicle that we barely use. Never mind $300.

I decided to hop out of the $300 box that my son was trying to squeeze me into and started thinking of an alternate solution.

“If I could find 16″ rims (it has 15″ rims), I could take the tires off of my SuperCrew and put them on Wild Bill. Then, I will only be buying new tires for our nice truck, which we will have to do at some point in the next year.”

I went on Craig’s List and found a set of 16″ tires and rims that fit Wild Bill. Price…$100!

Even though it was raining fairly heavily, I headed over to the seller’s house. Things tend to sell quickly on Craig’s List here.

After a quick check to make sure that the rims had the right bolt pattern, I gladly gave the man the money. Problem solved. I am getting used tires with good tread that will definitely last until I am ready to put new tires on the SuperCrew!


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