I’m sorry he had to learn this way

My son wrestled in a “private” wrestling tournament on Saturday. By private, I mean that you had to be invited to attend. Otherwise, you would never have known about it. There were no advertisements posted anywhere.

Six club teams wrestled each other. My son’s team finished 3rd.

He won his first match against one of the two powerhouse teams. However, he wrestled the Kansas 4A state champion and got his butt kicked.

I can’t say that I was all that surprised. In fact, I told my wife that he would probably lose.

How  did I know this since I had no idea who he was going to wrestle?

His attitude.

We butted heads a little last night. Then, he went back to sleep this morning after I woke him up.

I thought, “OK, your big man on campus. I’ll let you handle it yourself.”

After all, he is going to be completely on his own in just a few months from now.

He brought no food, water, anything. Consequently, he had no energy.

I made him eat some food and drink some Gatorade after his whuppin’. He recovered nicely and won his last three matches, including beating the guy who beat the guy who beat him.

On the way home, he noticed that I was unusually quiet and asked if there was something I wanted to say. I asked him what his thoughts were of the day’s events and then gave him my perspective. I think we ended up having a profitable conversation.

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