How many more boxes do we have?

Several months ago, I decided to stop lifting weights. I was at a juncture where I had to commit to seriously training or to stop.

The thought of being “muscular” doesn’t hold the appeal it once did when I was younger. I mean, really, who do I have to impress?

But, I do want to be fit. As I have written on several occasions before, I want to be running when the sand runs out.

So, I decided to incorporate calisthenics into my everyday life…5 1-2 minute sets of jumping rope and two sets of dips on my morning walk, a couple of sets of push-ups and pull-ups at work and then resume my running regimen.

I want to be “functionally fit”.

That is really being tested this weekend…

We are moving…

from one upstairs apartment to another upstairs apartment.

I climbed approximately 100 flights of stairs today. Toward the end day, I was really having a hard time.

To avoid crying, I would say to myself, “Functional fitness…I want to be functionally fit…”

Believe it or not, that helped. It’s a whole lot better thought than “How many more boxes do we have?”

Still, I can’t move. Really…

There is no food or drink or anything that is more appealing than just laying down right now!

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