Yes, I’m sure…

I received another call while I was on the phone with Chief Renegade…

It was a young lady calling from the high school. She was calling to see what size “Senior page” I wanted?

Senior page???

“Oh, do you mean those 1/2 page or full page ads in the back of the yearbook?”


“No. We’re not interested. Thank you.”

She didn’t quite know how to react so she just said, “O.K.” and hung up.

Two minutes later, she called again. I certainly was not going to interrupt this man telling me how much he appreciated my son’s stand for what is right to talk to her about yearbook ads!

I called her as soon as my call with Big A’s coach ended.


“Are you the man who said he didn’t want the Senior page?”


“Well, I just wanted to make sure that you understood what we are talking about… ”

“You are talking about those 1/2 page or full page ads in the back of the yearbook, right?”


“Yes. We don’t want to order any of them?”

“Well, I just wanted you to know that they are like REALLY important to the Seniors…”

“I know. I saw them in this year’s yearbook. My son just graduated.”

“Oh, O.K.”

I could tell that as she hung up, she couldn’t believe what she had just heard! I mean, a parent saying that they didn’t want to shell out a wad of cash to buy a page in the yearbook for their little shnookums, was, like, unbelievable!

Yeah, that’s pretty much me. She should read my blog posts on those ads!

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