I’m so vain…I probably think this post is about me

I am a little embarrassed about this one…

but, just a little.

I am going to turn 50 in a few weeks. That’s not bad. I look and feel pretty good “for my age.” I still have a full head of hair. However, it is starting to get pretty thin in some spots.

One of the last things that I did before I left Los Angeles last year was to visit the Regenix office. I had heard their ads on Dennis Prager’s radio show. I liked the fact that they didn’t promise you the moon.”If your bald, your bald.”

I’m not! And, I knew that their product worked for Matthew Mcconaughey. Who knows? Maybe it will work for me and I will look just as good as him!

When I showed up for my appointment, they pulled hair our of four quadrants of my head and examined the hair follicle to see if they could help me. Fortunately, they could. I bought a one month supply ($153! OUCH!) and boarded the plane for KC.

There was no way that I could, in good conscience, start using their product while I was unemployed. That would be more than a little self-indulgent to spend that much money to revive my hair when I didn’t have a job! I would like to save my hair but, let’s be honest…I was never an oil painting to begin with!

Then, when I started working, we had to start rebuilding our savings account. So, the product sat in its original bag in a closet for over a year.

I finally got it out two weeks ago. I still couldn’t justify spending that much money for this so I modified their application instructions. I am only applying it to the place where I am thinning, the top 1/3rd of my head. I can make a one month supply last for three months. That lowers the cost to about $60/month.

If I see results in six months, I will continue using the product. If it doesn’t work, I will have a front row seat at my bathroom mirror to watch my slow but steady transformation into an old man!

That was a tough sentence to write…

I HOPE it works!

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