Hopefully, a part of history

We said goodbye to my family early this morning and headed off to Nashville, TN by way of Washington, D.C.

You might say “Isn’t that a little out of the way?”

Not if you want to take part in what might be an historical protest. We went to be part of the 9-12 Washington D.C. Tea Party.

I personally think that our nation is in deep trouble. Politicians and bureaucrats are plundering the treasury and consolidating their power every day. I figured that if I am not willing to suffer the inconvenience of a few hour drive to express my disapproval, then I really have no place to complain if my freedoms are taken from me.

Fortunately, we had to get off the freeway early to get some gas. While at the gas station, we learned of the local way to the nation’s capitol. I use the word fortunately because we later learned that the freeway’s access points were closed because the crowd was so large.

We heard on the radio that “thousands have shown up”…

hmmm, thousands???…really…

Indiana University has computer software that can count people from an aerial photograph. Their estimate…1.7 million.

Needless to say, we weren’t alone. I’m glad we were part of it.

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