Not what I wanted to hear

My grand plans to save the day for my second daughter took a blow today.

The likeable new mechanic decided to start our relationship off with a vicious shot to the body…

“The three front fuel injectors are bad. Remanufactured injectors cost $170 each plus installation.”

Ouch! I wasn’t ready for that. My plans to spend about $1,000 to get the car in top condition were not looking very good.

But he wasn’t finished…

“When you start the car up, it knocks like crazy until the oil pressure rises.”

I nodded my head in knowing agreement since I had heard that very same sound.

Then he threw the hay-maker…

“That comes from a worn out rod bearing.”

I held onto the counter to keep from going down for the count! Basically, that means that the car needs a new engine!

I weakly asked him, “Are you sure? It’s only got 110,000 miles on it.”

He was sure.

I have to get a second opinion.

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