Am I nuts?

I must be a glutton for punishment…

I did it again this weekend…

I went straight from work yesterday and drove for 8 straight hours. Why???

Another of my “crazy” ideas…

8 years ago, I learned of a product that caused incredible growth in vegetation. I read how his product could cause black walnut trees to mature in 15-20 years rather than the usual 50-80. Black walnut is one of the most valuable hardwoods in the United States. Ever since I read of that, I wanted to visit the Hazel Hills Nut Tree Farm in River Falls, WI.

Our lease expires in about 8 more months. At that time, I will have to make my yearly decision as to where we will live.

If we are going to buy a house, I have to decide what kind, where and how much land do we want? I figure that if I am going to grow black walnut trees, this is pretty much the time to do it. I mean, how many more 15-20 year seasons do I have left? I am in good health and all, but I’m not gettin’ any younger!

And, before I go and plant a bunch of trees that I hope to harvest 20 years from now, I want to be sure that the product really works as advertised. It would really mess up my retirement plans up if the trees actually took the usual 50-80 years to mature!

I decided to take off this weekend because I suspected that  global warming (yes, my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek) might cause winter to arrive earlier than usual. And, winters in Wisconsin and Minnesota can be brutal!

It turned out that my timing was impeccable! When I woke up this morning, there was 3/4″ of snow on my car!

…on October 10th!!!

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