Where has my brain been?

I never ceased to be amazed…at many things. After 50 years, I am still easily impressed.

That can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing.

Take my latest encounter of the computer kind. After much thought, and I mean MUCH thought, I decided on the G-5 I-Mac…for the reasons that I listed in my last post. However, after this weekend’s events, I have completely changed my plans and am having a hard time believing that I couldn’t see what is now so very clear.

On Sunday morning, I stumbled onto a very interesting fact during my Bible study. I started to investigate but quickly learned that it would be the largest word study that I have ever done. My old Bible software was particularly useful for just such a study.

However, as I continued to think about it, I realized that it would still be a royal pain even with that software just because of the sheer amount of scriptures that are involved.

Is there any way to reduce the amount of research work?…

Hmmm…If my current Bible software had the New King James version, I could probably do it pretty quickly…

Hey, wait a minute…A little while ago, I was working on creating a text file of the NKJV to import into my current Bible software program. Where am I on that project?…


Shoot! I haven’t worked on that in months. I could have been finished by now! What was I thinking?

Forget the I-Mac.

Forget my old Bible software.

I am going to return the I-Mac, save the money and finish a major project! I am glad the I-Mac didn’t work!

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