Just in the nick of time

Since our trip to New Jersey/Philadelphia, my second daughter has been wanting to talk much more these days.

to me…to her mother…her little sister…her brother…her big sister…

This fact began to dawn on me a few weeks ago when my wife said “I had a long conversation with Kimba last night.”

“Oh really? I talked with her today for quite awhile.”

Later that evening, when I asked my youngest daughter, Cakes, why she was smiling, she responded, “Kimba and I had a great conversations last night and the night before. It was so great!”

My initial thought was “That’s great. Her relationships are really being restored…”

My paternalistic warm fuzzies were fairly quickly overshadowed by a ominous, hazy feeling.

“Four of the above mentioned people happen to be on my wireless phone account with AT&T. Kimba is on Cricket…

She is eating up our minutes!!!”

Now I was in a quandary…

I can’t say that no one can talk to her for the rest of the month…

Not only can’t I, I don’t want to. I am glad she is talking to everyone! I want her to talk to everyone! This is a really good thing!

However, I’ve got to pay the bill at the end of the month!

My solution was to add her onto my account. She would save about $20 per month and all of her conversations with us would then be cell-to-cell and included in our plan.

Well, it turned out that the foreboding feeling I had was right. When I got home tonight, my wife asked me, “How much is our new wireless plan?”

“Around $200. Why?”

“Our bill for last month is $307.”

Although I switched with 14 days left in the month, we had already gone over our minutes to the tune of $100!!! Y-i-i-i-k-e-s!

That was close!!!

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