Not acting my age

Something fun happened to me yesterday…

two different times…

As I approached a 69 year old co-worker, I said, “What’s up old man?”

Lest he be offended, I followed up with, “I call you that because I can…The number of people I can say that to keeps getting smaller and smaller every year.”

“How old are you?”


He was visibly and physically taken aback! I guess he must think that I look younger than that.

About an hour later, I was on the phone with a customer. He, being a Yankee fan started the call by rubbing in the fact that they just beat my team, the LA Angels.

I took my whipping like a man.

He then asked, “So, who are you rooting for in the World Series?”

“Well, I’m from New Jersey so I guess I should be rooting for the Phillies.”

“Wait…I thought you told me that you were from California?”

“Well, after living there for 31 years, I think that counts as being from there!”

“Yeah, it does. But how long did you live in New Jersey?”

“I left 10 days after I graduated high school. I was 17 years old.”

“So how old are you?”


“No way! You don’t sound it. This whole time I thought you were twenty five!”

So, there…

Two people think that I don’t look and sound my age. Maybe it was all that beauty rest that I got the night before!

It’s fun but…that and $3.45 or so will get you a grandé mocha at Starbucks.

Now if my wife starts saying that I am like a 25 year old (if you know what I mean!), then I’ve got something to talk about!

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  1. Big A says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! you are too much fun dad…

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