And it matches my cape!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about one of my alter ego’s (Superdad) recent adventures.

The plot ran something like this…

Long lost daughter is miraculously found!

Joy abounds!

Big corporation threatens to bankrupt the family if she attempts to renew her relationships with the members of her family! You can read about it here.

I put my cape on and came to the rescue!

Long lost daughter saved money! Parents saved money! And everyone can talk as long as they want to!

There are rewards to being a superhero…besides the satisfaction of saving the day.

I had four lines on my account with AT&T. Three of them are off contract. The two year contract for Cake’s line will expire this month.

I like this. I want to keep it that way. Why?

If some incredible new company arises or there is some fantastic breakthrough in technology or a dramatic decrease in pricing, I want to be able to move quickly. I don’t want to be tied down.

That is why I haven’t bought an IPhone. AT&T would be happy to sell me any new phone, at a very reduced price, of course, but I would have to agree to a new 2 year contract.

No, thanks!

When I added Kimba to our plan, I had to agree to a 2 year contract for that new line. Try as I might, there was no way out of it.


That’s two years worth of lemons there. I decided to turn them into lemonade today…

I bought an IPhone!…

at the very reduced price, of course! It is nice!

I am, once again, on the cutting edge. I have rejoined the technological elite. I am part of the in crowd. I am actually beginning to feel a little ‘hip’!

Yes, there are some nice side benefits to being a superhero!

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