Captain Jack Sparrow, meet the Lord of the Castle

You would think that a mirror is a mirror. They reflect the image in front of them.

You would think by their construction (a piece of glass placed on top of a shiny reflective surface) that they should be the same. But, people don’t always think so.

Women are constantly complaining that some mirrors make them look fat. My youngest daughter, Cakes, told me that her voice teacher has the most unflattering mirror that she has ever peered into.

I’ve never really bought into that idea before. A mirror is a mirror!

I must admit, though, that there was a time when I too thought that my bathroom mirror made me look fat. It just happened to coincide with the fact that I was actually quite a bit overweight! So, maybe those women might want to reevaluate just exactly what is making them “look fat”.

But tonight I ran into a type of mirror that I have never even heard about before…

I looked into one that makes me look older!


I don’t know how that works but I know it is true!

My hair is strawberry blond. Every now and then, one of my children will tease me that my hair is turning gray.

When I challenge the ludicrousity  (cool word, huh! just made that up!) of their assertion, they protest and get real close to my head to yank out a piece of the confirming evidence. Inevitably, the “gray hair” magically disappears!

When I look in the bathroom mirror in the morning, I don’t see any gray hair. Of course, now that I think about it, I usually use the mirror to comb my hair right after I get out of the shower. So, my hair is still wet. I think that favors the colored hair over any gray hair…

However, on my way home after work, I stopped by Costco to see my wife. While there, I had to use the restroom. While washing my hands, I made the mistake of looking into the mirror.

I am telling you that mirror had to be made by the same company that did the special effects for the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. It made me look like one of Captain Jack Sparrows henchmen in the moonlight!

I didn’t see a little gray hair…I saw lots of it!

And I don’t even think that it looked gray! White would be more accurate!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Truthfully, it startled me!

I ran out of the bathroom screaming at the top of my lungs!

Not really, but…

When I got home, I looked into my bathroom mirror…

It is so much friendlier…

And it is familiar with my reflection…

Yep! I look pretty much like I did this morning. Everything is back to normal!

Whew! That was close!

I just need to make sure I stay out of the moonlight from now on!

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