It feels like I’ve seen this before

Big A wrestled at another open tournament this weekend…

and got his first college victory!

In fact, he got two!

He lost his first match by a score of 4-2. If he could have held his three point back move for a few more seconds, he would have won that one. But he lost his grip and the match literally slipped out of his hands.

He then won his first college match by a score of 9-2.

His won his third match in overtime by a score of 7-5. He was happy that he won but he really wanted to be writing an overdue paper for his English class.

In the fourth match, he injured his thumb badly enough that the match had to be stopped so they could tape it up. That coupled with the paper weighing on his mind made the fact that he got pinned a nearly pleasant outcome.

So, his record is now 2-4.


That was his record after 6 varsity matches in high school!

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