She has bent over backward long enough

We have a little confrontation developing here at the Castle…

Ever since we returned from vacation, my wife’s manager at Costco has significantly changed her schedule.

Before we left, she might work one night per week. Now she is gone a minimum of three nights. This week I will not see her for the next four nights.

My wife continually responds when her manager calls and asks her if she can fill in for people who didn’t show up that day. In fact, she has communicated that the ONLY day she is unavailable for work is Sunday.

Her manager insists on scheduling her to work on Sunday!

It has been, “I need you this week” or “Work with me”.

Well, we are done “working with her”. We are done “helping her out”. We have decided to take a stand. She is not working any more Sundays!

If that means that she has to leave the job, so be it. God gave her this job. God can give her another one! Costco, and this manager in particular, are not our god!

After all, isn’t that what honoring the Lord’s Day/Sabbath is all about in the first place? Isn’t it a physical demonstration of our belief that our prosperity and success depends on His providence and not just our hard work?

She is supposed to talk to the store manager today. We’ll see what happens…

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