What do you mean you didn’t make no meat?

My wife sent me a text message informing me that she got called in to work and that she had made a meatless pasta dish for dinner.

I texted back a “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” response: “What do you mean you didn’t make no meat?”

“Ha, Ha.”

When I got home, I headed straight for the kitchen. Cakes joined me. I was curious to see what she had made since she doesn’t usually describe her food that way.

I took the lid off of the pot…

whole wheat noodle tubes…

“Wow, I wonder what she did to them?”

Not much. I mean they were good but after 5 or 6 fork fulls, Cakes and I were pretty much in agreement…that was enough.

I said, “This isn’t one of her better meals.”

Cakes agreed.

I thought to myself, “She must have been in a hurry or something?”

When my wife came home, what do you think the FIRST thing that she asked with an excitedly expectant tone in her voice?

“Did you like my pasta?”

I tried my best to do my husbandly duty and lie to her but all I could muster was a weak “Yeeaaah.…”

“Why do you say it like that?”

I hugged her and said, “Meatless pasta? How about meatless and vegetableless?”

“What are you talking about?”

“It was just noodles.”

Her jaw dropped and she headed toward the kitchen with me tagging along behind her. When she got to the stove, she lifted the lid off of another pan that neither I nor daughter had noticed! Inside was a fabulous Italian tomato based sauce full of vegetables!

The fact that I didn’t see it doesn’t really surprise me all that much. But, the fact that Cakes missed it is amazing!

Oh, well…leftovers will be great tomorrow!

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