Our roots are showing!

I thought that we had done a better job of concealing our true color but…

Our Southern California roots are beginning showing.

It snowed about two inches last night. Our cars were covered.

Then, it snowed all day long.

But, my household is in complete agreement…

We like it. It’s fun!

The sight of snow falling is still beautiful to us.

The sound of it crunching under our feet is pretty neat too.

Seeing perfectly formed flakes on the sleeve of your coat or the front windshield is fascinating.

I guess I could say it is a pain to drive in it but it really isn’t. It just makes even the simplest trip an adventure.

“Are we going to get stuck?”

“Can we make it up that hill?”

“Will we be able to stop in time?”

When else can a 50 year old man do “burn-outs” and “fishtail” down the road with his wife and daughter in the car and not be accused of being immature and irresponsible? When else would my wife and daughter actually smile and laugh about it?

I realize that I might change my mind by the end of winter, but for now, after 31 years of hoping for snow, winter is pretty cool!

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