I forgot to tell you

I thought I would catch you up on few open items today…

Update #1: No Shave November was such a smashing success that Cakes decided to extend it all the way to Christmas Day! She wanted all of her siblings to see her “winter coat”. It was hilarious to see both her mother’s and her brother’s skin crawl while looking at her legs. She shaved, wrapped them in wrapping paper and gave them to her mother as a present on Christmas Day!

Update #2: The Matthew McConaughey hair goo is working! My hair is growing back! And I have figured out a way to stretch a months supply for nearly six months so it won’t cost me a small fortune! By the time I’m 51, I will look like I’m…42!

Update #3:  It isn’t looking all that good for me in my big bet with my wife. When she lost 10 pounds in the first two months, I thought I would have to have braces on by the summer. However, she hit a wall and then the holidays came and she lost all of her momentum. I was beginning to think that I would be able to make it to the grave before I had to go to the orthodontist!

Fortunately for her, we ran into a friend at our Halloween celebration at Chipotle who had lost a boat load of weight. Now, Bunch is starting the same radical diet on Thursday! Yikes! A 5o year old man with braces?..

With all of my hair back on my head, I’ll look… 14!

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