The pain of accountability

Everything was going so well when I went to bed last night…

My goals were loaded into my new jazzy software. I was going to bed on time. In just a few short hours, I would wake up, do some exercise and check off my first completed task of 2010!

However, there was a problem that I didn’t foresee…

I could not wake up!

I felt like I had been drugged. When the alarm went off, I just reached up, turned it off and slept for 45 more minutes!

By the time I woke up, it was time to read my Bible. I’m not dropping that to go work out. Sorry, but no exercise today.

You might say, “That’s OK. Just work out when you get home.”

I know from experience that is not going to happen. My wife will be home when I get home from work. She will probably making dinner. When I was younger, maybe…but now, not a chance.

I’ll take another crack at it tomorrow.

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