But I get up off that side every day!

My little rough patch continued today..

Last night, I was so preoccupied with learning how to set my clock radio so I could fall asleep while listening to a jazz CD that I forgot to turn my alarm. I woke up in time to take a shower, get some food and head out the door.

Then, as I drove to work, I noticed that my eyes were blurry. It seems that my super-duper, bubbling contact lens cleaner has run out of juice.

When I got to work, I decided to clean them the old fashioned way: with some liquid and my fingers. That worked great for the right lens. I tore the left one in two.

At lunch, I went to the local Costco to see if they had a replacement lens in stock that I could purchase…

They didn’t. Evidently, the general population’s eyeballs are round. Mine looks like a football.

Back to work…

One half hour later, my vision started disappearing in my right eye! That generally means that a storm called a migraine headache is trying to develop inside my body. Two Extra Strength Excedrin were able to fight it off to a draw. It never got so bad that I had to go home but it never completely went away either.

Anyway, I am looking forward to sleeping tonight!

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