You got written up for what?

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I have been having a long distance relationship for more than two years.

Actually, I am in several simultaneously.

It so much more difficult to communicate. I tell you that it is SO much better when you are face to face…

But, what other choice do I have? End the relationship? After all of this time?

I just can’t do it…

So, I continue being a long distance father to my three oldest children!

This weekend, I learned through the family grapevine that my son had been written up for violating the school’s behavior policy!


I called him…

“For what?”


What do I say to that?…

I had no idea so I said nothing…

“But I wasn’t drinking. Everyone knows that I don’t drink or mess around or anything. So, when the other guys involved vouch for me, my record will be cleared.”

I have written about the moral climate in the dorms where he resides. It turns out that his roommate and a friend were drinking in is dorm room while he was present.

I then introduced a possibility that he had not  thought much about…

“What if they don’t?”

I then tried to open his eyes to how exposed he was in his present situation. He is completely dependent on other people to clear his name, people who clearly have little regard for rules and what is right.

I also showed him how easy it would be for the “judge” to find him guilty. After all, he knew the drinking was against the rules and yet he gave tacit consent to people who broke them.

His meeting is tomorrow.

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