The world is getting smaller

It may sound strange, coming from a blogger, but I have not been a huge fan of technology.

We went several years without a television in our home. When we did get one, TV time was strictly limited. Basically, for most of my children’s lives, we used the television to watch videos.

During his childhood, most of my son’s friends had Nintendos, game boys, o whatever they were called. He didn’t. Why? Because I thought that there were more important things for him to learn than how to get to the 32nd level of whatever game was hot at the moment.

I never had anything but the simplest games on our computers for the same reason.

Our children were some of the last to get cell phones and when they did, their minutes were strictly limited.

I do not regret any of those decisions. In fact, if faced with the same situation, I would make them all again.

But today, I really appreciated the technology that I have available to me.

My son had an important meeting in Philadephia this morning. Shortly after it was over, I not only learned that he was cleared and but quite a few of the details of the meeting via text message.

I then wrote him a e-mail at lunch.

While I wrote that e-mail, I pictured how isolated parents were from their children when they sent them off to college in previous generations. I am thankful that technology has made it so much easier to stay connected.

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