“I don’t recall”

My wife has never visited our oldest daughter in Dallas. I think she might be the only member of the family who hasn’t.

So, for the better part of a month, she has been looking forward to this week since her school is out on Spring Break. 

I too was looking forward to this week but for a different reason… 

I wanted to surprise her by going somewhere for a 3-day weekend as a belated anniversary celebration. 

Well, the surprise was lost several weeks ago. And it wasn’t until this weekend that we realized that we could make the trip to Texas. 

This morning, my manager very graciously granted my last minute request to get this Friday off. I then had to find a place to stay. 

Last week, I had contacted a resort about 90 minutes north of Dallas to see where we might stay IF we actually were able to make the trip. They had ONE villa with a mini kitchen available! The lady offered me a 40% discount to the normal rate: $103.20 per night. 

That is a great deal but it is still $100 per night… 

I left a message on her phone this afternoon. She called me back just as I was parking my car at our apartment. After I reminded her of last week’s call, she asked me if I remembered what she quoted. 

I knew it was north of $100 per night but since I couldn’t recall the exact figure, I said, “Not exactly. It is written down on a pad on my desk at work.” 

“Was it $87 or $71?” 

“I honestly don’t know but that $71 sounds really good.” 

“All right…do you want to book it now?” 


How nice is that? A small suite for the price of an average hotel room!

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