That’s not what I planned

Big A called me today. We both went online and he registered to get his USA Wrestling card. During the process, we got some bad news…

He cannot compete in the Junior division. It seems that there is an additional restriction beyond the year you were born…

You have to be enrolled in the 9th-12th grade!

That means that he will have to compete in the Open division which contains everyone who was born from 1986-1992!

The longer I thought about it, the worse I felt about him going. He would be wrestling against the best wrestlers in the country up to 24 year olds! That is quite a bit different than wrestling the best high school seniors and college freshman.

…and this is freestyle wrestling which allows much more throwing and slamming!

I called him back, “Son, I don’t feel good about this. What do you think?”

“Well, I could easily get hurt.”

“Yeah, forget it.”

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