Superman finally gets introduced to cryptonite

I called Big A this morning to see how he was doing.

His weight was down to 167.4 but he was not doing well. He was so weak that he couldn’t wrestle this morning! After all, he has lost 16 pounds in less than a week.

So, we decided that he should not go to the tournament…I guess that makes my vacation day decision pretty easy.

This is a pretty tough pill to swallow. Like he said, “I’ve always been able to get down.”

But, I think the fact that he has been able to cut weight on the last day and still perform relatively well on the next day has finally hurt him. His finally gained more weight than he could lose.

So, he will have to forego the national tournament and set his sights on a much smaller, local tournament the following weekend.

The pain of having to watch your child learn the hard way…

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