Let’s just see what will happen!

You just never what might happen if you try…

My wife and I were in Home Depot looking at hardwood floors, carpet and interior paint. No matter what I looked at, I kept remembering the most beautiful cabinets and floors that I have ever seen.

About this time last year, after we had finished our official recruiting visit with the wrestling coach at Baker University, we stopped and peeked inside a beautiful, vacant house that was for sale.

“Do you remember that house out in Baldwin, KS?”


“Do you want to take a drive out there and see if it is still for sale. Maybe we can get another peek!”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. What is the worst that could happen…we spend an hour and a half together driving through beautiful countryside. I can think of worse things…”

She agreed to go for it…

45 minutes later, as we pulled up, we saw a bicycle in the driveway.

“I guess someone lives here now.”

Then a barking dog with its fur up came out and greeted us.

“I think that makes it official.”

My wife started to groan that she had actually gone along with this hair brained idea…

I quickly became convinced that the dog was bluffing so I got out of the car. As soon as I had won him over and had just started to pet him when a car with a woman and two children started driving up the long driveway. I stopped petting the dog and stood near our car. She stopped directly across from us about 15 feet away.

“Can I help you?”

“Hi…we looked at your house before you bought it.”

The slightly insecure, quizzical look that crossed her face told me that I had not really increased her comfort level.

“We just got here right before you did.”

“Ooohh, really? That’s good.”

The confused, plastic smile of concern continued clinging to her face so I proceeded to tell her about our first visit to her house…

She looked a little less uneasy but it was clear that she was still not sure why these two complete strangers were standing in her driveway…

“So, we drove 45 minutes to see if we could get another look at your floors and cabinets.”

Something I said pressed the right button. What it was, I don’t really know. But…she let us in!!! We took pictures and talked. Both the cabinets and the floors are made of walnut and they are gorgeous! The wood looked like flowing liquid!

The woman kept saying, “None of my friends are going to believe that I let perfect strangers into my house…especially with it being such a mess.” (O.K., the floors weren’t polished! Give me a break!)

I wonder what her husband is going to say when he hears about this?

Oh well, just another day at the castle…

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  1. Big A says:

    Well you are “perfect” stranger…and what’s better than perfect??

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