Exactly when did we decide to switch?

I am telling you right now, this is not going to develop into a trend!

We spent the entire afternoon centering our life around our youngest daughter!

I have to tell you that the change in orbit made me feel a little wobbly. That is not the way we do things in my family.

Cakes was invited to lunch with a group of young people after church.

“Sure, go ahead…Have fun.”

About 45 minutes later, I received a text…

“He is here and I don’t have a way home.”

The “he” that she is referring to is a 30 something year old ex-con who attends the church. I have already spoken with the pastor about him and been given the green light to communicate with the utmost clarity that he does not have nor will he ever have ANY chance of dating my daughter! A snowball has a better chance of surviving in August!

So far, we have been able to avoid a major confrontation by simply adjusting where we sit on Sunday mornings. I am hoping that he will gradually get the very clear, non-verbal message.

Anyway, at the last minute, the group leader invited “him”to join the group for lunch.

So, my wife and I and a friend responded to her desperate text by going to eat at the same pizza place. It turned out that everything went quite smoothly.

While we were waiting for our pizza, two girls invited Cakes to go “tubing” on the lake with them. Being too nice for my own good, I said, “Go ahead…we’ll come pick you up.”

Famous last words…

It turns out that the family lives 40 minutes away from our apartment! It is 10 minutes past where I work!

Like I said at the beginning, this will not become a trend!

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