The long and winding road

Today, my wife and I became the proud owners of a house in Grandview, MO!

This is our second house. We bought our first house (or rather Bunch’s parents bought the house for us!!!) 21 years ago.

We ended up buying the very first house that we looked at nearly 3 months ago.

As seems to be the norm here in the Castle, it was anything but simple…

It started with dueling realtors. Then, an absolutely amazing 7 hour chain of events on a Friday enabled us to take our first unsuccessful foray into the foreclosure market.

We then missed the Federal tax credit despite looking at hundreds of homes.

Since I was unwilling to settle for just any house, I tried an unconventionally bold move to get the one that we wanted and it actually worked!

I then had my first real negotiation

was awakened from a much needed sleep to digitally sign a contract in the middle of the night

and finally realized that, in this case, losing was really winning.

It took a little work, but we got the house we wanted!

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