So she wasn’t being rude!

As if things weren’t hectic enough with the impending move, two of Cake’s California friends flew in to spend the better part of a week with her. It made for crowded conditions. The three girls took over the second bedroom so Big A had to sleep on the couch.

After church last Sunday, we all went out to Chili’s for lunch. We were having a great time when Cake’s phone rang. She looked at it and quickly sprang up from the table and headed outside.


That was an unusual reaction…

When she returned, we learned that her manager asked her if she was interested in being trained in “Admin”! The woman (in her 30’s or 40’s) who has been doing it will be leaving for a temporary opportunity with her “dream company” and he thought to ask her first!

Amazing! She’s 17 years old!!!

Wow! Go Cakes!

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  1. Genwhirl says:

    Gooooo Cakey Bakes!

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