I won my first “snort-off”

I have told you that no one thought that it was a good idea to buy where we did. Some said that the city had a reputation for gang violence. Others cited a spreading blight.

However, my research told me that the crime statistics were actually lower than the “nicer” city directly east of us!

Still, when we were choosing where to live, I was very aware that the city that we settled in had a less than stellar reputation. We felt like this is the place that we are supposed to live. We figured that if God wants us to live here, He is big enough to protect us.

That being said, I am pretty conscious about security.

You need to know this to fully appreciate today’s story.

I woke up early this morning and went down to the family room to study the Bible for awhile before going to work.

Since it was a cool morning, I opened the two windows closest to my writing table. The crickets were still chirping (?).

After about a half hour, I heard a few footsteps just outside of the window to my left in our back yard.

Then, nothing…

I went back to studying…

I heard a few more footsteps…

I thought, “You have got to be kidding me! Am I going to have to deal with this already?”

I turned off my desk lamp and quietly moved toward the open window.

As I moved, I heard several hurried steps.

When I reached the window, my eyes had nearly adjusted to the darkness. I peered to the place where I heard the most recent footsteps…

Just 15 feet away from me, I saw the the outline of the prospective intruder! I was staring at a young, 4 point buck deer who was staring at me!

After a second or two of silence, he snorted at me!

It was too early in the morning to yell so I did the only thing that I could think of…

I snorted back at him!

He jumped straight up into the air, then turned 180 degrees in the midst of his second jump and then hopped and turn sideways and looked at me again.

Now he was about 20 feet away from me.

He snorted again!

I snorted back!

He hurried about 15 feet further away and and then turned and looked at me again.

This was too much fun! I didn’t wait. This time, I snorted first. (By this time, I really needed a tissue but since he and I were the only ones up, I didn’t think it mattered all that much.)

He took 2-3 small steps toward me…and then snorted!

I snorted back.

He trotted about 15 feet further away.

By now, dawn was just starting to make its appearance.

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  1. Genwhirl says:

    Oh my goodness…I’m laughing out loud!

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