I wish everything worked out this well

 Our master bedroom has a nice master bathroom attached to it. As you enter that master bath, you will see a corner jacuzzi tub that looks something like this.

Above that jacuzzi tub is a 4′ square picture window. We’ve always dreamed of having something like this.

But, there is one large problem with that dream come true…

It faces west…

That means that it lets in quite a bit of heat in the afternoon.

My first idea was solar film.

The films at Home Depot didn’t inspire me. Besides, this is one job that I didn’t want to do myself. I have no confidence that I wouldn’t end up with a wrinkle and that wrinkle would never leave me alone.

So, I called the local company that installs solar film made by the 3M…

$375 for one window!

Forget that!

After I recovered from his price bomb, I learned that it will also block the sun’s heat in the winter. Hmmm, I don’t want that…

My next idea was to get a sheet of glass, make a little frame and have him put the film on at his shop. That way I could remove the window in the winter and save money on the film installation!


Are you kidding me?

Maybe I will have to do it myself.

A few days later, I remembered that the contractor who worked on our house before we bought it mentioned the local company where he bought this very bathroom window. I called to see how much they would charge to make the single pane window.

After I explained my idea to them, the guy said,”There is another way to do that.”

“How is that?”

“A screen.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’ve got screens that will do what you want to do.”

“How much of the sun’s energy will they block out?”


“Eighty percent?…How much would a 4′ x 4′ screen cost?”

“Do you have wood trim around the window?”


“$50 including the metal frame.”

I have to admit that I was skeptical that a screen could do what he said they could but the price was low enough that I decided to take a chance.

As you already know from yesterday’s post, I installed that screen.

Guess what? It actually works!!!

I’m telling you, by the time I finish with the foil, the screen, the ceiling and the insulation, our bedroom will be so cool that I will need to open the windows to keep from shivering!

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