A buyer for Wild Bill?

When I left work this evening, all I could think about was climbing out of the car, limping into the house and getting off of my leg.

But, what am I thinking? I’m 54 now! This is a new year…

While driving home from work, my mechanic called. He had a “young kid” who wanted to buy Wild Bill.

I was not prepared for this…

I mean, it is good news. After all, I have tried to sell that truck on three different times. But whenever I try to sell it, no one wants it.

After the last time, I parked Bill in my mechanic’s parking lot where it has been sitting for the last year and a half.

I tried to stir up some enthusiasm but all I could muster was a weak, “That’s great…”

He then proceeded to tell me that this “kid’s” truck was stolen. The cops had found his truck, towed it to the impound lot, but never called him to tell him. So the impound fees were so high that he couldn’t afford to get his truck back.

I asked to talk to “the kid.”

He doesn’t have any cash right now…

“That would explain why can’t get his truck out of the impound lot.”

He is a tree trimmer…

He’s got worked lined up for the entire week but nothing to haul the cuttings away with…

He should make $3,750…

He’ll be able to give me what I am asking for the truck in 3 days…

I told him that I needed about 45 minutes to get a bite to eat, find the title and drive over to his place.

Things were going according to plan until it came to find the title.

I looked through our folders labeled “Cars”, “DMV”, “Important Papers”…nothing.

I checked again…nothing.

My wife checked…nothing

Do you know that I found the title for every other car (and I have 5 of them if you count my project car) but I could not find the title for Wild Bill!

I decided to go and meet the prospective buyer and give him the semi-bad news.

When we arrived, they weren’t there.

While we were waiting for them to get back, I asked my mechanic what he thought of these people. He assured me that the woman who had brought them to him was a good woman from his church who he had known and trusted for more than 30 years.

I told him that since I couldn’t find the title, I was thinking of letting them borrow Bill for the three days so he could work and make some money. If he still wanted the truck, then he could buy it then. If not, then all he would owe was the price of the new battery.

45 minutes later, a short guy with a long blonde pony tail covered in tattoos walked in.

I thought, “This is a kid?…He’s got to be in his 30’s.”

His newly “pregnant wife” came in with frizzy, afro hair done up in pigtails. I began to wonder if she was trying to play her “part” because she looked like she had a few miles on her.

Then the guys “brother” came in. He was about a foot taller, had black hair and was juiced up on something.

I began to have second thoughts. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to sell Bill to these people. They didn’t look like the type that would take good care of him.

I told them that I was unable to find the title but that we would either find it tomorrow or apply for a duplicate title.

Then to my complete surprise, my mechanic offered to let them borrow his truck so the guy could get to work and I could find the title!

Stay tuned…

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