The unfair advantages of the fair sex

When I started my car after work on Friday afternoon, I headed straight to the muffler shop. it was quite obvious that I needed some work on my exhaust system.

When I pulled up, the guy said that there was no way he could get to it. He further informed me that he couldn’t do it on Saturday because he was heading out of town as soon as he finished the job he was working on and closed up shop.

I suppose that I could have just continue driving the car as it was, but I just can’t bear the thought of my car sounding like so many of the loud cars that drive by my house.

As I was leaving for work this morning, my wife said that she wouldn’t mind taking it to the shop. I printed out a map and gave her $160 cash.

I figured a small repair would cost $50-60. A major repair would definitely be north of $100.

The guy fixed the car for $20!

I think I am going to start doing all of the grocery shopping and send her to get all of my automotive work done!

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