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As a young college student, I was radically converted to Christianity. I say radically because I was in the process of frying my brain with various pharmaceuticals when Christ saved my soul. I am now a middle-aged Christian man who has been mostly (let’s be honest!) happily married since 1986 and a reasonably competent father since 1987.

We taught our children at home until we moved to Kansas City. Our oldest daughter graduated with honors and works for Neiman Marcus in their Executive Development Program. Our second daughter lives in Nashville and is attending a training school for Christian ministry. Our son is in college on a wrestling/academic scholarship. Our third and youngest daughter just graduated from Blue Valley Northwest high school but is still trapped and living with us!

I am a frustrated (due to a lack of time) amateur philospher and sometime counselor. I am married to a woman whom everyone loves. My favorite activity is studying the Bible. Really!

I worked in the in Los Angeles aerospace industry for 16 years as a reasonably competent Program Manager. In March of 2008, we sold our house in California that I personally designed and remodeled for the entire 20 years that we owned it (it’s amazing that my wife still loves me and my children still talk to me!) and moved to Kansas City.

When I first heard about blogging In the mid 90’s, I wanted to write on culture and politics. A few years later, I got the idea to write a Bible blog. In 2002, I thought that it would be fun to write a blog on family life. Guess which one got off the ground first?

As for the stories that you will find on these pages, I have one thing to say…

I don’t make this stuff up!

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  1. Patricia Roa says:

    It’s because of awesome bible teachers like you that inspired me even more to love studying the bible too 🙂 Thanks for leaving a legacy behind here in LA

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