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Hard to believe times two!

We did something different for Mother’s Day this year… Since Cakes had to work at The Bonefish Grill, Bunch and I went with an elderly couple (70 years old) to their family farm in Warrensburg, MO. The conversation was delightful. … Continue reading

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Victimized by an invisible, sneak attack

On Wednesday night, my wife and I went to our mid-week Bible study. A sharp, middle aged couple that has just relocated from Florida started attending two weeks ago. Towards the end of the meeting, we broke up into groups of … Continue reading

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Welcome to my nightmare

I am quite alarmed at the current state of our country. Many of our current “representatives” seem to be intent on waging war on the founding ideals of our country. They do not like living in a meritocracy and wish to … Continue reading

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An unexpected treat

We went to a concert last night… a dance concert…featuring the Groovaloos. You may not know it but you’ve seen them, whether in a music video, movie or commercial. Their website is here. I am not a big fan of hip-hop, … Continue reading

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Our growing extended family

This year marked the first Thanksgiving that we didn’t have all of our family present. Big A celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in New Jersey. My middle daughter, Kimba, couldn’t make it because of her new job at Starbucks so … Continue reading

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You mean I have to go to work?

My body must be fighting something. I say that because I was so tired tonight that I fell asleep at 6:30. At 9:00, my phone rang. A friend from CA called to see how everything was going. He must not … Continue reading

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Thanks for a life well lived

A great man died on Wednesday. His funeral will be tomorrow night. You can read the obituary here. I came to know him through the kindness of God. Gene Burgin was the father of Sandy Burgin. Sandy Burgin married David … Continue reading

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Sven revisited

Our friend Rosie commented on the Sven post. I have added the YouTube link. Thank you Rujah. You are terrific

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What could I say?

My wife introduced me to one of her Costco friends tonight named Ashley. The two of them like to talk politics. Ashley is voting for Obama. I asked her what her primary reason for voting for him. “I’m for abortion … Continue reading

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My son turned 18 today. Just like his father, he forgot that fact so his boss scheduled him to work tonight. But, having had much practice at making lemonade (you know, turn your lemons into…), we decided to surprise him … Continue reading

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