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Thanks for the early warning

Something happened today that I have never seen before… I was washing my hands after using the restroom when a co-worker from the shop walked in. Nothing strange or unusual about that. It was what he did next that got my … Continue reading

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That sucker was in there!

My dentist called me back this morning. He had an opening at 11:00. I have had a genetic gum disease my whole life. It is most likely that I got it from my paternal grandfather who was able to eat thanks to … Continue reading

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Do I want a what???

They say that man makes the habit and then the habit makes the man. One habit that I have been practicing for years is a weekly 24 hour fast on Thursdays. Today was my day. Fast days are wildly unique. … Continue reading

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RotFLOL…well, more like DOMKNFOLSHIH!

I finally made it over to my mechanic’s to get the master cylinder fixed. I asked him to change the oil and oil filter while he was at it. Everything went pretty much like he predicted. He then asked for … Continue reading

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You learn something new every day

I like the guys I work with… I learn a great deal from them. Today for instance, The Steel Trap told me something that I had never heard before… “Do you know that female spiders kill their mates?” “Yes. I … Continue reading

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Places that should be on the map

We drove straight through from Kansas City to New Jersey. My family was late getting out of the house. I can’t understand why…My wife should have planned to put two new front tires on the truck before she packed Since they … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with the glasses!

My eyes are very sensitive to light. On marginally sunny days, I am squinting. If I do that for a whole day, I end up with a pretty big headache… I believe that would be called a “tension” headache. With … Continue reading

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Everybody’s favorite sport

You might think that I have been writing about wrestling too much recently. Well, I beg to differ… Everybody loves wrestling. You disagree? Follow along with me… Point #1:  God likes wrestling. He sent His angel to wrestle with Jacob. … Continue reading

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The history of man from a different angle

I received a PowerPoint slide show in an e-mail from my father-in-law recently. It is just too funny, especially in light of some of my recent posts. If anyone knows who wrote this, I will be glad to give them … Continue reading

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Can I go outside?

I am determined to continue exercising. However, these past few weeks have presented my biggest external challenge so far. (For the internal challenges, read “It’s Just Jogging”) First, it is cold here. You say, “Duh! It’s winter!” I realize that YOU … Continue reading

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