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I don’t know if you noticed, but I have changed the look of this blog. I have moved things around, changed font sizes, increased the writing area while decreasing the sidebars. It is not as easy as it sounds because … Continue reading

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I like where I am but I am really glad about where I have been

We attended our first home group with our new church. It was pretty interesting. First, the room was filled with people who really love God. Second, I don’t think that we were the youngest people there, chronologically speaking. However, we were clearly … Continue reading

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I’m not moving

I confessed something to my wife a few days ago… “It might seem corny, but I REALLY like using my computer.” Three weeks ago, while I was waiting for my MacBook Pro DVD drive to be replaced, I bought Apple’s … Continue reading

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Turn a little this way

Ah, the challenges of being a father… I really don’t know what this season of life is supposed to look like. My two oldest daughters have been on their own for the past few years. My son is attending college … Continue reading

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I’m so vain…I probably think this post is about me

I am a little embarrassed about this one… but, just a little. I am going to turn 50 in a few weeks. That’s not bad. I look and feel pretty good “for my age.” I still have a full head of … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day!

Celebrating holidays in America is pretty challenging. Most people gather with their families but the overarching meaning of each holiday is frequently missing. In many homes, Thanksgiving Day has been reduced to “Turkey Day,” a great day to watch football. Christmas is a … Continue reading

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Looking forward, looking back

I am starting to get a glimpse of the future and I think I am going to enjoy it. It won’t be long before I won’t HAVE to do ANYTHING when I get home from work. I can actually come … Continue reading

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Stupid happens!

Have you ever done anything that was just dumb? Have you ever said “I can’t believe that I just did that!” Well several years ago, in the span of about two weeks, I realized that I said those very words about … Continue reading

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And they’re off…

I started the new year off early this year by taking my youngest daughter’s friend to the airport at 4:15 A.M.! Because of this, my wife and I were in bed well before midnight on New Year’s eve. Somehow, the … Continue reading

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Seasonal change disorder

I woke up this morning feeling the effects of this newly discovered malady. Yesterday, I mentioned a convergence. This morning, I realized what it is… The season is about to change in my life… Since I have been in KC, … Continue reading

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