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It’s just not fair

I regularly run 4 miles and do not lose any weight. But I have no room to complain. My wife ran a marathon a few years ago and didn’t lose any weight! But my son ran three miles to school this … Continue reading

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She passed!

I got a little older today. I do realize that this happens every day that I live… However, it was brought home to me with special force today because I took our youngest daughter to get her driver’s license. Yes, … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, I forgot…

I usually spend the mornings alone. I and the crickets are the only ones up so it is a very peaceful, almost solitary time. However, as I came up the stairs of our apartment after my morning thanksgiving walk this … Continue reading

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Starting over again

I resumed my jogging routine today. I didn’t even make 3 miles… I had stopped running because I was a little weak during the fast. This is the third time that I have started to “get back in shape.” I had … Continue reading

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I don’t quite know where we are going

I think that I am going through a sort of Christian mid-life crisis. I call it a Christian mid-life crisis because I don’t want to leave my wife for a younger woman and I haven’t rushed out and bought a … Continue reading

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Surprised by what I already knew!?!?

Last night, I was surprised by something that I have known and been preparing for. I don’t really know how that can happen, but it did. While talking with my son about our plans to help our second daughter, he … Continue reading

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He tricked me

My son took his new super duper VERY expensive skateboard when we went to the park. He tried to get me on it but I politely refused. Instead, I watched him send the board rolling in front of him, break into … Continue reading

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Day Game After a Night Game

I woke up this morning and my body is definitely not looking forward to another day of lifting boxes, etc. You know, I don’t remember getting this tired when we moved into our house 19 years ago! Now I understand … Continue reading

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