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The battle rages

Before I could get on the freeway to leave for TX, I was pulled over and given a ticket for doing 45 in a 35 MPH zone! After I got on the freeway and calmed down, I put in the … Continue reading

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The Enemy’s counterattack

Jen came home to discover that her house had been broken into computer and jewelry taken

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“I don’t recall”

My wife has never visited our oldest daughter in Dallas. I think she might be the only member of the family who hasn’t. So, for the better part of a month, she has been looking forward to this week since her school is … Continue reading

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Bean takes me to the woodshed

I realize that I haven’t written in a few days… It’s my oldest daughter’s fault! She started a blog! And it’s good. Great picture (of course she has much better material to work with than I do!)…contemporary look…creative, fun writing…(I … Continue reading

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Deja vu all over again!

Is there a pattern developing? In my last post, I told you about the similarities of Kimba’s departure last Christmas and her  arrival this year. Well, we aren’t quite finished. I was supposed to pick up my oldest daughter, Bean, … Continue reading

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There is a difference between ‘brisk’ and ‘cold’

Before my oldest daughter drove up from Dallas, she called to ask me what the weather was like. “It’s pretty brisk.” “Does that mean its about 55º?” “55?! That’s not brisk. That’s nice.” “So what does brisk mean?” I thought … Continue reading

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She didn’t get it from a bottle

My oldest daughter drove up from Dallas to visit us for thanksgiving last night. Even though I talk with her on the phone fairly often, I had forgotten one of her most endearing traits… She is a blonde! In the … Continue reading

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A trip down memory lane

In August, 2004, my oldest daughter drove our new Ford Windstar for her first day of classes at the local community college. My son was with her because we had just learned that. although he was just 14, he qualified … Continue reading

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I wonder if I scared him off

(I originally wrote this on June 18th. A certain unnamed party persuaded a permanently biased judge to issue a temporary injunction against its publication. The legal wrangling has finally ended and the banned post can now be made public) I … Continue reading

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Theys a who’ lot of growin’ up goin’ on ’round he-ah

My youngest daughter started training for her new job… She will be a hostess at a very nice restaurant near our apartment, The Bonefish Grille. Inside the  restaurant, the lighting is subdued, the food is excellent and the prices aren’t … Continue reading

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