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The Holy Spirit rescues Cakes

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So she wasn’t being rude!

As if things weren’t hectic enough with the impending move, two of Cake’s California friends flew in to spend the better part of a week with her. It made for crowded conditions. The three girls took over the second bedroom so … Continue reading

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Exactly when did we decide to switch?

I am telling you right now, this is not going to develop into a trend! We spent the entire afternoon centering our life around our youngest daughter! I have to tell you that the change in orbit made me feel a little … Continue reading

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Why am I in a bad mood?

Last week, before the mid-week church service began, the pastor walked up to me while I was typing on my computer. “What are you doing?” “Writing a post for my blog.” “Can you e-mail me the link. I’d like to … Continue reading

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The countdown begins

This is our final go round… Cakes, our youngest daughter is graduating from high school in a week and a half! There is a little part of me that panics inside and wonders, “What’s next?” How should I know? I’ve never … Continue reading

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She looked great!

Several weeks ago, my youngest daughter, Cakes, came up to me with her face beaming, “Dad, I bought a new dress for the prom.” “What prom?” “The Senior Prom.” “When is that?” “April 10th.” At the time, that seemed like … Continue reading

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I get to play the “bad guy” part

Sometimes being a husband and a father is a thankless job… I suppose the same can be said about being a wife or a child…I can’t really see how, but I’ll just ASSUME that is is THEORETICALLY possible…but it’s a … Continue reading

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Me…a songwriter???

I told you in an earlier post that Cakes was invited to sing at the upcoming graduation ceremony. It turns out that she has been invited to audition in the first week of April. A few months ago, I heard her … Continue reading

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Who is she talking to?

I realized a new benefit of having children today… I have someone to help me stay up to date technologically! I awoke from a nice nap this afternoon to my youngest daughter’s voice in her bedroom. She was talking to someone … Continue reading

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How quickly things change

Life never ceases to amaze me. Change happens so quickly, so unexpectedly. This morning, I drove Cakes to her SAT test. She can drive herself but I just wanted to get a little time with her. I chose to take the … Continue reading

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