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I forgot to tell you

I thought I would catch you up on few open items today… Update #1: No Shave November was such a smashing success that Cakes decided to extend it all the way to Christmas Day! She wanted all of her siblings to see her … Continue reading

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No myopia aqui!

Sometimes I wonder how you read what I write… I think many of you think that some of my posts are just the myopic boasts of a doting father. For example, I have written about my youngest daughter’s singing ability. … Continue reading

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No shave November

My youngest daughter came home from school and provided me with some pop culture enlightenment “Did you know that it is “No Shave November?” “No, I didn’t. What does that mean.” “All of the guys at school don’t shave during … Continue reading

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A difference of opinion

I got home from work late today. I had just emptied all of the lunch dishes out of my lunch bag into the kitchen sink when my youngest daughter, Cakes, came out of her bedroom all dressed in black. She … Continue reading

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Not my cup of tea…

My youngest daughter is taking a choir class. She had a concert last night… I like to listen to good singing… But after the 45th deedle-dee sung in row fashion, I began to get a feeling that was very similar … Continue reading

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A trip down memory lane

In August, 2004, my oldest daughter drove our new Ford Windstar for her first day of classes at the local community college. My son was with her because we had just learned that. although he was just 14, he qualified … Continue reading

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Somebody didn’t get the message

My daughter started school this week. She is going to be pretty busy this year. She has 6 classes at the high school, her Great Books class on the Internet, will be mentoring incoming freshman and working two jobs! We decided … Continue reading

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Are we going in?

Our son is leaving for college in 4 weeks. My wife informed me that he needs clothes. It must be a chromosomal thing. To a woman, every event in life is a good reason to spend money. But, to be fair, I … Continue reading

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She earned every bit

My youngest daughter is turning into quite the little “go-getter.” As soon as school ended, she realized that she would have to take start taking all of the standardized college tests (SAT, ACT) in the Fall. If she wanted to do well … Continue reading

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A long day gets even longer

By 9:00 P.M., the caffeine that I purchased from Starbucks had completely worn off and we still had 5 more hours of driving ahead of us. I was not going to stop and get an “energy” drink. That just feels … Continue reading

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