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Back to square one

I realize that there is no perfect church. I’m not looking for that. I’m looking for a place where we can join and help build. I thought that we might have found a place we could do that but we … Continue reading

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Haven’t found anything that quite fits

Moving is a big deal. I have written about the upheaval that resulted from moving from CA to KS. I have written about the adjustments we have had to make in moving from our own house into an apartment. I … Continue reading

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I didn’t even officially ask!

In our last episode, I was rushing the car back to the Honda shop hoping that someone was there even though they were closing when I drove off their lot 30 minutes earlier. I prayed a desperation prayer, “God, please … Continue reading

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Just like he dreamed

Last night, my son dreamed that he pinned a certain kid. For that dream to come to pass, both of them would have to win their first two matches to meet in the semi-finals. They did, The first period ended in … Continue reading

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Much more than I had hoped for

I have once again been amazed at the goodness of God! In previous posts, I have told you about the dramatic changes that God has been bringing about in my second daughter. As profound as the last big change was, … Continue reading

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