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The countdown begins

This is our final go round… Cakes, our youngest daughter is graduating from high school in a week and a half! There is a little part of me that panics inside and wonders, “What’s next?” How should I know? I’ve never … Continue reading

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I can’t really say that I am surprised

If yesterday’s news regarding the house wasn’t challenging enough, my son called me from Philadelphia. He talked with the wrestling coach… It doesn’t look like  he is going to be awarded a wrestling scholarship! That might be a problem…Drexel is a very … Continue reading

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Legalized theft!

If you want to know what kind of economic model is being taught to our children, buy college textbooks. It is legalized theft! The universities and the NY textbook publishers have been steadily working for years to eliminate parent’s options and … Continue reading

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Hurdle #2 crossed

We drove into Philadelphia today to visit Drexel. First, we took some paperwork to the admissions office to complete my son’s file.. “Oh, we don’t get those.” “Who does?” “The athletic department.” Over to the athletic department… “Oh, these go … Continue reading

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The time has come

In a few hours, my wife and I will take the next big step toward the next season in our life. This trip will be a family reunion, a 50 year birthday celebration (mine), scouting out the new land, a fond … Continue reading

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Somebody didn’t get the message

My daughter started school this week. She is going to be pretty busy this year. She has 6 classes at the high school, her Great Books class on the Internet, will be mentoring incoming freshman and working two jobs! We decided … Continue reading

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She earned every bit

My youngest daughter is turning into quite the little “go-getter.” As soon as school ended, she realized that she would have to take start taking all of the standardized college tests (SAT, ACT) in the Fall. If she wanted to do well … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m sure…

I received another call while I was on the phone with Chief Renegade… It was a young lady calling from the high school. She was calling to see what size “Senior page” I wanted? Senior page??? “Oh, do you mean … Continue reading

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It’s official!

Although we haven’t heard from the Financial Aid Committee concerning our appeal, we made the final decision today. Big A is going to Drexel! We sent in the housing deposit and scheduled vacation time in September for the big trip … Continue reading

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Today’s big surprise

I wanted to stop so, so badly. After my 60th climb up the stairs, I was tired…pooped. Man, were the excuses flowing…”I worked so hard yesterday…I’m almost 50 years old…” But the work had to get done…today. What am I … Continue reading

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