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What ever happened to full disclosure?

I should be more of a butt to my wife… I mean, sometimes I am just too agreeable! I told you that she was going to go on this radical diet to lose weight. I also told you that she … Continue reading

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What do you mean you didn’t make no meat?

My wife sent me a text message informing me that she got called in to work and that she had made a meatless pasta dish for dinner. I texted back a “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” response: “What do you … Continue reading

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Preparing for the worst

I did something that I have never done before… I bought survival food! In 1994, I lived in Northridge, CA. I was at the epicenter of the Northridge earthquake. But, since there was no advanced warning, I had not made … Continue reading

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That’s never happened before

We crossed a new threshold at the dinner table last night. My wife is one of those creative cooks who can make something out of nothing. On more than one occasion, I and my children have resigned ourselves to a just … Continue reading

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Fighting the Midwestern winter spread

It is becoming painfully clear to me why people tend to gain weight in the Midwest during the winter. First, it is cold outside and the thought of hot food is SO enticing. Honestly, who craves a salad when it … Continue reading

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A faithful man who can find?

I lost roughly 30 lbs. this year. The typical response is “That’s great!” Actually, losing the weight was pretty easy. For most of the first half of the year, I lived alone and had to cook for myself. That coupled … Continue reading

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I should have known this

Reminder to self: DO NOT DRINK CHAI TEA AFTER 9:00 PM! It makes it VERY difficult to get to sleep. We went to pray tonight because our youngest daughter’s worship team lead the 8:00-10:00 service at the main prayer room … Continue reading

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