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Belatedly grateful

As I was listening to my favorite talk shows today, I learned that the Cumberland River had overrun its banks and that Nashville was flooded. It gradually dawned on me… “Hey, wait a minute…my daughter, Kimba, lives near Nashville.” I texted … Continue reading

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She’s back!

Let’s see… I’m driving to the airport in the middle of a wind/hail/rain/snow storm… Kimba must be coming into town! When I took her to the airport after last Christmas, it was exactly the same type of weather. It is … Continue reading

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And it matches my cape!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about one of my alter ego’s (Superdad) recent adventures. The plot ran something like this… Long lost daughter is miraculously found! Joy abounds! Big corporation threatens to bankrupt the family if she attempts to … Continue reading

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Just in the nick of time

Since our trip to New Jersey/Philadelphia, my second daughter has been wanting to talk much more these days. to me…to her mother…her little sister…her brother…her big sister… This fact began to dawn on me a few weeks ago when my … Continue reading

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A tornado’s view of Nashville

I planned to get into Nashville at midnight… But we left NJ an hour late… and I didn’t expect the hours worth of stop and go traffic when we left D.C. … So, we got into Nashville at 2:30 A.M.! This … Continue reading

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You mean, there’s no bomb?

I received a call tonight that I didn’t quite know how to react to… My second daughter called me. That is not that unusual. She has called before but it is usually because we need to talk about some really … Continue reading

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Much more than I had hoped for

I have once again been amazed at the goodness of God! In previous posts, I have told you about the dramatic changes that God has been bringing about in my second daughter. As profound as the last big change was, … Continue reading

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I had my alarm set for 4:45. However, I woke up at 4:40.  In the midst of a 66° evening, the wind suddenly started howling like it did during tornado season, like God just reached over and turned on a … Continue reading

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We are whole again

My second daughter gave me the best Christmas present that I have received in years! Back in June, I told you about her dramatic encounter with God. I then told you of her decision to move in with some dear our … Continue reading

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The perfect set-up

I can’t fully tell this story without making a confession… On many nights, my wife and I sleep in separate rooms… not because my wife is mad at me! No! I am not in the doghouse. It is difficult for … Continue reading

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