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A tornado’s view of Nashville

I planned to get into Nashville at midnight… But we left NJ an hour late… and I didn’t expect the hours worth of stop and go traffic when we left D.C. … So, we got into Nashville at 2:30 A.M.! This … Continue reading

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What a great day!

I wish that every day was like today. In six hours, I officially gifted the car to my second daughter, got it checked for emissions, registered the car and put on her new Tennessee plates. She completed her application for … Continue reading

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This ain’t nothin’

Before we registered the car, we had to take it to a vehicle emission inspection station. Now, having lived in California for 31 years, I had certain expectations of what this test would be like. Fortunately, I picked the fastest … Continue reading

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Gotta tell my wife about this!

My day got off to a great start. My second daughter and I went to register her “new” car with the Williamson County Clerk. I told the woman behind the counter that I wanted to give the car to her. … Continue reading

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She returned the favor

As I walked into the living room of the house where my second daughter is now staying, I heard someone singing a worship song. It sounded like my daughter, but I wasn’t sure. I mean it has been such a … Continue reading

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I made a girl cry today

It seems that I do that fairly regularly. Thankfully, it is usually a good thing. And she didn’t really cry. Her eyes just welled up with tears. This morning, I told my second daughter that we (all of us in … Continue reading

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The next BIG step!

Our second daughter called to inform me that she is moving to Nashville in two weeks! The mother of the bride has a particular fondness for our daughter and has agreed to let her stay with their family until she … Continue reading

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A Good Excuse

20 minutes after we had left the reception last night, my son realized that he had left his expensive aviator sunglasses on our table. After a few quick calls, we learned that the bride’s father had picked them up. He … Continue reading

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Not so super Target

I went to Target to buy the trashcan and saw something I have never seen before. Since it was a SuperTarget, I decided to replace the groceries that my omnivorous (that means that we eat everything!) family has eaten. As I … Continue reading

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Little brother hits a home run

The rehearsal brunch was great fun. The couple getting married are superstars in the making. He was a national debate champion, a future lawyer, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. She, however, was also a national debate champion and a … Continue reading

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