How did this happen?

I was laid off from my job last Friday.

That has never happened to me.

If I am honest, I cannot say that I am surprised. I could see that the new management clearly didn’t have me in their plans. And, I could also see how my new manager was steadily and progressively absorbing my responsibilities even though she was not performing well on what she already had.

However, I guess that I naively thought that I could perform my way out of the obvious.

Well, now that I am home and unemployed, I realize that I was wrong!

As I sit here and reflect on what has just transpired, I can only shake my head.

16 months ago, in the opinion of most of the management team, I was the most effective Program Manager at our company.

15 months ago, I was promoted to be the Master Scheduler and Planning Manager.

10 months ago, I was openly praised by the General Manager as THE driving force for positive change in our company.

But then 9 months ago, the company hired its first COO. Three months into the job, he  brought in a new general manager.

It was two full months before the new GM ever met with me. The meeting was short and sweet. He clearly did not want to hear my perspective on anything.

Four months later I was essentially told that I have no value to the company!

Although it doesn’t change my situation, it in interesting to note that the GM was himself laid off on Saturday.

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