The Beautiful Letdown, Part 4: The House Next Door

We turned into the driveway to see a house with no apparent entrance!

Two closed garage doors greeted me with a French door to the left. However that door has no access unless I wanted to walk alongside of the house, climb onto their side (?) porch, walk back and knock on it. I didn’t like that idea. To the right was a picket fence with a gate. Perfect!

As I got to the gate, I was greeted by a growling, barking dog! Now, in my experience, people who live this far removed from civilization probably want to be left alone…and this growling dog might just be tasked with enforcing that desire! I was not going to find out. My momma didn’t raise no fool!

I decided to call my daughter. NO RESPONSE.

Since no one is responding to the growling, barking dog, I assumed that I must have chosen a wrong fork two forks back. I mean, it didn’t LOOK like they were expecting me…

Dodgeball and I received a lovely massage as we drove down the driveway (which turned out to be the left side of the third fork) over to the road that leads to the retreat center. We didn’t see a house! Back out to the right side of the first fork…no house there either! I called my daughter again…NO RESPONSE.

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